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How to fly most efficiently with a FES powered electric glider

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Have you ever wondered how high you can climb with the batteries of the electric propulsion system FES? In this video i try to give you a feeling of how to best operate such electric powered gliders. The electric FES propulsion system is getting more and more popular for gliders. There are already quite a few types with it available on the market. Interested pilots often ask me: "How high can i climb with those batteries?". As the strategy is different to gliders with retractable engines, i want to give you an introduction on how to use this system in the most efficient way. Have fun watching it and i really appreciate if you leave me a comment below!


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Fantastique ! sans aucun doute le futur du vol à voile en sécurité et moins de problèmes avec les riverains et nos pawnee aussi (sniff pour les remorqueurs j'en suis mais bon ..  )

Epicure est mon idole

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