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A Guide to Self-Launching Sailplane Operation


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I wrote the first edition of this guide in 1996 because I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide to aid my friends and I when we began flying self-launching sailplanes. The majority of it is aimed at self-launching, high performance sailplanes in general, though much of it also pertains to sustainer equipped sailplanes, and even “touring” motorglider owners can benefit.
Permission is granted for limited quoting and entire copies for personal use, provided credit is
given to the author.
I strongly encourage any reader to contact me if they believe there are errors, important
omissions, a better or alternative way to do things, or if the clarity and accuracy of the guide can
be improved.

Eric Greenwell

2022-03-13 16_41_27-Guide to Self-Launching Sailplane Operation - 4th Edtion DRAFT - Guide_SLSO_4th_.png


ASA : https://sites.google.com/site/motorgliders/tell-me-about-motorgliders
Auxiliary-Powered Sailplane Association is a non-profit organization founded to encourage the design, development and safe use of self-launching and sustainer engine sailplanes to advance the art of soaring by promoting



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