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[Rex] Vache : Outlanding Short Uphill - Ls6A / Norway

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Hooked up my camera after clearing my options for outlanding in case that would indeed be the outcome. Searching for a low save right above/just next to field of choice and at 200m AGL relative to chosen field it was commit to land.

- Such a nice cloud street up ahead....out of reach..
- Gear out, entering downwind for landing
- Lined up on final for landing uphill field

On the radio I am talking to my friend who were flying along (Discus T), giving status along the way. He had already fired his turbo and was flying overhead. He flew back to home base and came out for the retrieve - thanks Øystein! :D

Just after touchdown when raising my view to what was ahead I was unsure how quickly I would stop so I lowered the left wing preparing for a forced "ground loop" should it be required. I quickly felt I had good retardation so cancelled that plan.

The airfield was judged to be approx 300m in length, it was also upwind/uphill.
At altitude the wind was almost 40km/h from the East so I anticipated a noticable wind gradient (less headwind close to ground) and also wanted to have enough energy to rotate and climb tiwards the upward slope, leading up to my planned touch-down. On final my IAS bounced about at approx 125-145km/h.



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