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[REX] The elevator of the vertical stabilizer was corroded

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The pilot was departing on a local flight in the experimental glider when the glider unexpectedly separated from the towline shortly after liftoff. The glider then entered a left turn and landed in a wings-level attitude. The tailboom was substantially damaged during landing.
The tow airplane and the towline were not damaged during the event.
Postaccident examination determined that the elevator control tube installed in the vertical stabilizer was corroded along the entire length of its inner surface, reducing its wall thickness. Water likely entered the control rod, either  through a witness hole near the upper end of the control tube or as moisture carried in by humid air. There was no drain hole at the bottom end of the control tube and, as a result, there was no way for liquid water to drain out of the control tube


>>>> https://data.ntsb.gov/carol-repgen/api/Aviation/ReportMain/GenerateNewestReport/103600/pdf






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