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Video Les Trois 4000 Mythiques Alpins 3 Jours Après Son Brevet

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#1 JMC


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Posté 23 août 2020 - 21:02


Pierre Behety

On 31/07/20 I had the immense chance and opportunity to set off with Jean-Marie Clement, on his sailplane, for a flight I will remember forever. It’s 2 Days after obtaining my SPL (sailplane plot licence): ‍✈️

Like every morning for the past 15 days, my day started with the flight briefing at 9:45.

The Forecast is excellent, old timer pilots are already lined up for take-off.
I quickly prep my glider for a modest flight in the afternoon, and I head to the nearby hangar where Norbert Behety is preparing his ASW20.

As I approach, he throws’ at me “Do you want to go to Switzerland and back (hopefully) in a Nimbus 4”. By the tone of his voice, I understand it is an offer and I should take it. I accept and head down to the front desk to meet the pilot, ‘Jean-Marie CLEMENT’ ‍.

11:00 After A quick interview, he agrees to bring me along. I had no idea who he was and where we were going. He only told to pack a sandwich and at specifically two litres of water.

11:15 I’m in the hangar with JMC to unwrap the covers of this huge (27m wingspan), rugged sailplane. The sun is already blazing, some 25°C. He tells me “stop running around to avoid sweating before the flight, it can be very problematic once in the air, I mention it in my book” What?!

11:30 I stop running!‍♂️ We rig the beast to his car and push the heavy 850kgs of Nimbus 4 far up the take-off field☀️, the tail is almost touching the fence.

12:00 Pre-flight checks, engine tests, cabin organized, we finally lock the canopy. It’s too hot under the bubble, we need to get in the air!☀️

The engine roars like a beast and the vibrations resonate through my entire body. We start speeding up, slowly, very slowly, eventually, both wings are now horizontal, we speed up some more, even passing halfway mark on the runway.

12:05 suddenly the glider unglues’ itself from the ground and we are air born, the beginning of a memorable flight!


Vidéo ici:

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#2 Etienne


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Posté 23 août 2020 - 21:08

Jolie video :)

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Parceque le ciel est merveilleux
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